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Post Isolation Bucket List

Post Isolation Bucket List

During the lockdown it has been really easy to focus on all the things we are not able to do and all the people we wish we could see but that we are not able to at the moment. Why not spend some time making a post isolation bucket list. It is super easy to do and will hopefully be filled with ideas for some really nice activities when it is finished!

Get a jar, shoebox or other container and decorate it. This will be your post isolation bucket list.

Every time you think of something you would like to do or someone you would like to see but you can’t at the moment, write it and put it in your jar. Over the weeks you can watch the jar fill with all the wonderful experiences you have to look forward to. After isolation you can have fun working your way through your list and will be so grateful that you can experience all the things you have been waiting for.

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