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Parenting Through Covid19

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Parenting Through Covid19

Some online parenting courses and helpline information which may be useful to parents during this difficult time.

Online Courses 

Both  Family Communications  – Coping with Family Life and Communication with Teenagers & Positive Parenting for Changing Families are offered online with a selection of the modules from the programme content. The courses are suitable for parents in all family forms and can be done from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. The eight weekly sessions will be communicated via email from One Family and include reflective exercises and completion of a learning journal. While self-managed via weekly emails, this course will be supported by individual email support from the Parenting team. This course costs €9.99 which includes ten weekly emails (eight with course content), optional individual support on the parenting topics explored, and optional assessment with issue of a Certificate of Completion.

Family Communications | Coping with Family Life and Communication with Teens


  • Explore the key components of clear and direct communication (Non Violent Communication Process) as a tool to support parents to communicate effectively in a non conflictual way in order to achieve success when parenting teens and sharing parenting.

  • To understand the impact separation has on children and teens.

  • To explore what shared parenting is and how to move into the business of shared parenting after separation.

  • Explore a day in the life of a teenager and develop ways in which you can understand your teen and form a positive relationship.

  • Resolve conflict within family relationships and support your teen to negotiate change.

  • To explore boundaries and implement fair rules within the home to meet the needs of each member.

  • Develop listening skills and find a way to allow each family member to voice needs and be heard in the home.

Positive Parenting for Changing Families


  • To explore the concept of the Good Enough Parent (Winnicot.)

  • Offer parents the opportunity to develop a resource kit to manage behaviours that they find challenging. These include implementing quality time in the home, introducing quiet time and understanding how star charts, family meetings and contracts can all support a positive parent child relationship.

  • To  identify the parental style you use and what you are role modelling to your child, including listening and cooperation.

  • Explore the impact stress may have on your parenting and on your child and how to introduce wellbeing.

  • To explore the impact of separation and look at family forms that your child may experience

  • To explore active listening and becoming an assertive parent.

For more information on these courses, please visit the One Family website here.

Barnardos Parent support line

Barnardos has launched a national telephone support service for parents in response to the challenges they are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. This service will be staffed by Barnardos project workers who are trained professionals.

Relationship Mentor - Parental Support

Rioghnach Cantwell is a qualified Relationship / Parent Mentor and is available for online mentoring sessions free of charge from Monday - Wednesday from 10am - 11am. More Information

Parental Support Sheelagh O'Grady and Aoife Ryan are qualified Parent/Relationship Mentors.. They are making themselves available, free of charge, to parents between the hours of 10am-11am and 7pm-8pm Monday-Friday (for this acute phase of the COVID19 pandemic).

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